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BAMtracks is a PC based synchronization of music backing tracks with the sheet music (chords and notation). It is the next best thing to playing in a hot live combo, as the backing tracks are recorded by world leading musicians...... and who wouldn't want to jam with the best! This means FUN and musical SATISFACTION that only playing with outstanding musical company can guarantee.

BAMtracks is a truly advanced teaching/learning tool featuring powerful by simple intuitive software designed to accelerate learning.

Features include tempo control, and one click looping means difficult bars or licks are more rapidly mastered. BAMtracks includes MIDI and audio recording and real time transposition of backing tracks with synchronized sheet music-charts. BAMtracks is perfect for Instrumentalist and Vocalist alike and has many other magic features for jamming and learning.

BAMtracks will initially be available as an exciting library of jazz backing track standards from the Great American Song Book typically represented in the Jamey Aebersold, Real Books and other backing track formats. BAMtracks will continue to grow and offer endless combinations and genres to jam along with.

The frequency and accuracy of practising challenging phrases-licks-passages is proportional to the speed a student will learn to master a given phrase-lick or passage. BAMtracks brilliantly facilitates this outcome.

BAMtracks offers unprecedented learning efficiency for students of all ages and stages and is preparing to offer rapid downloadable access to repertoire and amazing tools which accelerate the perfecting of instrumental or vocals performance. Be sure to register above for the free BAMtracks jingle download when our site goes live.